What does sustainability mean for Trocellen Insulation Business Unit?

Trocellen is aligned with trends of the industry and governance by optimizing the environmental performance and carbon footprint taking into account the entire life cycle and specific challenges of plastic products. Not only the recycled material content and recyclability are under ongoing improvement, we go beyond and define additional eco-design principles to develop our products with the best environmental quality.

Our responsibility is to have a deep understanding of product sustainability: having a full awareness about environmental impacts we are equipped to identify the best options to reduce our footprint without shifting environmental burdens between life cycle phases and environmental compartments.

The life cycle of the product is optimized from cradle to gate, starting from design, raw material selection till manufacturing, packaging and many times even transportation.

Trocellen Insulation BU shows many ways its dedication to sustainability. Systems, products and raw materials are supported by theconformity with external green evaluation systems, with the high scope of the long-lasting energy saving for the building and construction segment.

Trocellen products:

  • are closed cell, therefore support anticondensation
  • are supporting CO2 emission reduction by the long lifetime of the products, and also that insulation saves energy during the use phase
  • are supporting human health by being fiber free, inert to fungi and bacteria, and having low smoke toxicity, no VOC emissions

Special sustainable solutions:

Bio-based & cross-linked polyethylene foam, having DIN CERTCO certification

Trocellen’s multifunctional PE foam cut blends are high quality, clean foam piece mixes prepared for various applications.

Recycled Polyethylene

Recycled PE content from authorized sources

Biobased % by Mass Balance system

Bio-Based content PE certified by mass balance ISCC declarations.

Trocellen’s conformity with Green systems

Trocellen Insulation’ products support LEED and WELL certification with credits/points.


Trocellen thermal and acoustic insulation products have EPD certification, based on LCA study in accordance with ISO:14025


Trocellen thermal and acoustic insulation products respect and support Italian green CAM normative for public and private building constructions.


Non-Fossil carbon content PE of TR-EEcell products.


Mass Balance certification of biobased PE content – Trocellen Italia SPA Caponago Plants.

Trocellen – A large Group with a strong strategy

Corporate social responsibility, decarbonization, and environmentally conscious product development are key elements in the strategy of the Trocellen Group. Trocellen is a large corporation producing polymer foams for several industries, such as insulation, automotive, packaging, sport, footwear, artificial turf shockpads etc. So the development and eco-design of Insulation Business Unit are carried out during continuous interchange with other experts and business units of the Group. This international, skillful and creative corporate environment guarantees a solid and dedicated background, as the entire Group is highly committed to providing sustainable solutions. Trocellen has set itself the following goals, among others:

  • 100% renewable electricity till 2025
  • 100% of new product results from an eco-design based development till 2030
  • Zero production waste till 2030
  • Carbon neutrality in 2050

More about the Complete Sustainability Strategy of Trocellen