Trocellen HIGH TEMP

Trocellen HIGH TEMP pipe insulation


Your benefits

  • Made of long lasting closed cell polyethylene insulation foam.
  • Constant insulation value for at least 23 years, probably longer.*
  • Clean, non toxic, mould and bacteria resistant, odorless.
  • Fire safe.
  • Doesn’t absorb water.
  • Flexible enough to follow tight angles, and strong enough to withstand rough handling.
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Very economical.


Application Designed to prevent the heat loss of the system
Temperature resistance 180°C (peak); 150°C (operating)
Material Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene and polyester non-woven
Insulating properties lambda value: 0.0359 W/mKat 10°C (combined)
Water permeability μ value: >7,000
UV resistance Minimum 1.5 years (EN ISO 4892-2/06)
Fire classification CL1 (D.M. 26/06/84);
B2 (DIN 4102/B2)

Product Range

Trocellen High Temp Pipe Insulation Product Range
Thickness (mm) Internal Diameter (mm)
13 18,0 22,0 28,0
20 18,0 22,0 28,0 35,0 42,0
net standard length 2.0 m – carton box packaging

*Trocellen tested after 23 years of operation found the same insulating value. Test reports available on request.