Trocellen Isocompact for pipes

According to the current regulations, heating systems and pipe networks for the distribution of hot liquids or water vapour need to be properly insulated in order to achieve the best possible energy savings, increase safety for the workers, while offering a more comfortable environment.


Thermal insulation for heating systems

Trocellen offers a wide range of solutions for thermal insulation of heating systems in line with the local requirements of many different countries.


Isocompact was developed to meet high technical requirements, in which very high thermal Insulation is expected. Trocellen Isocompact is recommended for the insulation of pipes in non heated areas or outdoor.



  • Chemically cross-linked PE foam
  • Multi-layered sleeves with different thicknesses
  • Finished on the outside with an embossed, scratch-resistant, metalized film or with reinforced aluminium layer
  • Certified Class 1, Italy
  • CE Marked Euroclass E
  • Available in Sleeves, Rolls and Sheets.