milleforma COTONE is an acoustic coating for wall and ceiling gluing, to improve the aesthetics and comfort of living and working spaces. It is made of natural material, based on cotton linters mixed with particular high quality clays and colored with natural earth. It comes in 8 standard shapes in different formats, available in 28 colors that can be joined together to create figures with very different aesthetic effects. The production techniques and treatments to which milleforma COTONE products are subjected also give resistance to fire and water, maintaining the excellent sensory and aesthetic qualities of the finished product intact.

Acoustic tests tables


The milleforma sound-absorbing coverings are ideal decorative solutions to correct the noise disturbance in environments that need acoustic comfort. In particular, milleforma products have an excellent sound-absorbing response in the fundamental frequencies of the human voice, making them ideal for restoring acoustic comfort in public places, offices, schools and residential complexes.

Acoustic tests tables


Milleforma cotton is composed of:

  • Cotton cellulose: 73%
  • Mineral component: 26% (micronized kaolin, coloring earths, fireproof salts)
  • Acrylic resin: <1%


Application: for inside. Wall and ceiling gluing.
Forms: 8 shapes in different formats (page 2-3)
Colors: 28 colors (complete palette on page 4)
Smell: none
Density: 300 kg/m3 (6 kg/m2)


milleforma COTONE products carry the CE marking according to the EN 15102:
2007 + A1: 2011 standard as materials for wall and ceiling cladding.


milleforma COTONE products have been tested for:

REACTION TO FIRE:They are in Class 1, reaction to fire “B-S1, d0” according to EN ISO 13823.2010.
ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE:They have been tested for reverberation room acoustics according to the UNI EN
ISO 354: 2003 standard and in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 11654 standard for
building sound absorbers.
THERMAL INSULATION:According to the EN 12644: 2001 standard, thermal performance of materials and
building products R = 0.21
VOC TEST CLASS:According to the UNI EN ISO16000-9: 2006 + ISO 16000-6: 2011 volatile organic
compounds from construction products and finishing in Class A +.


The thickness of all shapes is 20mm.