Many different noise sources are present in our houses and generally in our lives. Trocellen keeps developing foam solutions to provide the best thermal and acoustic insulation to increase your comfort.

The product

Flexible, open cell polyester-based polyurethane foam used for sound-proofing. Airsilent can be cut into ashlar or pyramid shapes making the product aesthetically attractive for external use.

Physical-thermal characteristics


  • Density: 25-30 kg/m³
  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Uniform cell structure
  • Resistant to air flow with consequent improvement in sound absorption
  • Increased hysteresis and reduced elasticity for enhanced shock absorption
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Stretch and tear-resistant
  • Hard wearing
  • Temperature resistant from -20 °C to +120 °C

Product range

Flat Airsilent:

  • K type – anthracite colour
  • KP type – bonded on one side with black embossed PO film
  • AL type – bonded on one side with metallic embossed PO film
  • K-ALU type – bonded on one side with perforated aluminium
  • Available in different thicknesses and roll lengths
  • The black or metallic film covering is applied for protection, making the foams resistant to dust and humidity, prolonging its life span.


Egg-Box shaped Airsilent

  • K type – anthracite colour
  • Available in different thicknesses and roll lengths
  • 40 mm thickness available in 1.00 x 2.00 m sheets