Isolmass 11

Isolmass is the alternative sound insulation solution. Trocellen developed Isolmass in order to satisfy those customers who prefer not using lead with their sound insulation solutions.

Isolmass products are multi-layered Trocellen foams combined with a polyolefin heavy layer, laminated with flexible, resilient, and sound absorbing materials.

Advantages of the PO heavy layer compared to lead

  • More environment friendly
  • Combines easily with Trocellen foams, obtaining a completely reusable product
  • Roll width > 1m

Isolmass 11


  • Layer of PE foam (anti-vibration) 3 mm thickness
  • Heavy layer weighing 4 kg/m²
  • PU open cell layer, initial thickness 12 mm (Sound absorption)


  • Aerial sound insulation for drainpipes
  • Sound insulation for walls