Trocellen Pad

District Heating Pad is the right way to compensate displacement of the pipes from thermal expansions, especially at bends, T-crossing, etc.


Apply the district heating pad at the outer and inner curves at the pipe bends. Finishing the application, protect the district heating pillow with 5mm laminating bands.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • made of chemically cross-linked PE foam
  • great heat tolerance range -40+95 °C
  • environmentally friendly as it contains no halogen, no water soluble harmful substances such as freons, no chlorides and heavy metals (Pb,Cd,Cr)
  • AGFW association, medium stiff pad acc. to AGFW standard, 10%-0,01Nmm2 and 50% 0,062 Nmm2
  • Certification acc. to new EN 13941-1:2019, classification Type 2 medium version.
  • Marked back side of product acc. EN 13941.