Aplomb 22

Many different noise sources are present in our houses and generally in our lives. Trocellen keeps developing foam solutions to provide the best thermal and acoustic insulation.

The Trocellen Aplomb product family consists of multi-layered products with one or more layers of lead bonded with flexible , muffling and sound absorbing materials.


Aplomb 22 – for wall and flooring insulation


  • 0,35 mm, 4kg/m² weight lead layer, laminated on both sides with:
  • 3 mm thick layer of anti-vibration PE foam coated with black embossed film


  • Impact and airborne noise insulation in horizontal divisions.
  • Aplomb 22 should be used to prevent the noise entering or leaving a particular environment (especially low frequency noise ) 
  • The product can be supplied in self-adhesive version, just for temporary application in order to make the installation phase safer and easier. Then the product must be secured with mechanical fixings.