OEM solutions

Wide range of Trocellen product are offered to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) applications.

Trocellen insulation materials can be easily applied to various solutions through a process used by local technologies at OEM customers.

Our materials offer a very high performance in terms of durability and constant thermal insulation as well as mechanical stability.

Main applications

  • thermal and anti-condensation of machinery
  • acoustic, noise reduction
  • reduction of shock and vibration
  • use of its mechanical properties

General benefits by using Trocellen products

  • Unique customer expectation can be fulfiled
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Cost saving and installation time reduction
  • Simple handling and
  • Simple converting technologies can be used
  • Easy to install
  • Long life-time
  • Optimal cost/quality ratio


  • Material: chemically cross linked PE foam,
  • Closed cell structure
  • Types: from soft to rigid
  • Density: 30 – 180 kg/m³
  • Thickness: from 3 upto 60 mm
  • In rolls or sheets
  • Different colours
  • Several different types of laminated materials
  • With or without adhesive


  • Safe – non-toxic, non-allergen, mould resistant and recyclable
  • Clean – odourless material, no smell, no fogging
  • Constant and long lasting thermal and acoustic performance
  • Can be used under extremely low temperatures
  • High thermal insulation
  • Waterproofing
  • Mechanical resistance – high tear /break resistance
  • Lightweight
  • CFC free
  • Trocellen tested after 23 years of operation found the same insulating value.
  • Test reports available on request.
  • Stabile structure, with long lasting performance
  • Easy to clean