Marine & Train applications


New TC products are available for the naval and railway sectors: Navycell and Trocellen Class Train.

Navycell is Trocellen’s brand for Naval thermal insulation applications. We revamped our product portfolio, being expressly designed and developed for use in applications requiring special safety measures, fulfilling all the requirements set by the latest European Directive on marine equipment. The new Navycell is ready for sales from last Autumn.

Onboard use:

  • Insulation of air ducts
  • Cold utility piping
  • Onboard refrigeration systems
  • Refrigerating compartments

Trocellen Class Train

Trocellen Class Train is the certified product line for railway industry.

It is usable for thermal insulation of railway vehicles, and it is classified at the maximum level of “R1 HL3” fire classification (according to EN 45545-2 standard). This result, combined with other properties of PE foam (such as good thermal conductivity, constant insulation value, and being flexible enough to follow tight angles and strong enough to withstand rough handling) makes it suitable to be installed in any rolling stock category, even in sleeping and couchette vehicles.

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