Heat mirror


  • for reduction of heat-losses behind heating radiators in buildings
  • high efficiency to reflect heat with thermal insulation
  • save money,
  • long life-time
  • simple, practically non-visible solution


  • flame retardant
  • High cost saving at heating costs
  • Tailor-made solution on site
  • Optimal cost/quality ratio
  • Can be used in industrial applications and in house-hold,
  • Safe – non-toxic, non-allergen, mould resistant
  • Easy to install – flexible and light weight material
  • Simple usage and stocking

Important remark!
Never use it behind any kind of gas heating equipments! Heat mirror might be damagedby fire.

Material, Specification

  • Base material: chemically cross linked, flame retardant PE foam, closed cells,
  • Cover: laminated with metallised reflective foil
  • Foam density: 30 kg/m³
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Roll size: 550 mm x 5 m


  • Delivered in rolls
  • Easy to install and to convert
  • Mold, mildew and bacteria resistant
  • Constant and long lasting thermal performance
  • Lightweight
  • CFC and bleach free
  • Contains no fibers; is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and odorless

How to use

Step No.1 – Measure the size of your heating radiator. Cut the Trocellen Heat-Mirror, the real cutted size should be less by 10mm both sides, related to measured size of radiator. Mark the places of fixation.

Step No.2 – put the glue onto both surfaces, to the cleaned wall, and to the foam side of Heat-Mirror. Wait some minuits to let it dry

Step No.3 – after dryin time push the whole surface onto the wall smoothly

Step No.4 – Cut the fixing holes