Construction and Interior


People tend to spend most of their life indoors. Be it home, work environment, or any other place to study, workout, meet, entertain, recover or relax – everyone need a place with maximum comfort. Because all want to act and live 100% without being disrupted or endangered.

Our passion is people’s comfort. And we live it entirely.

We take care homes, offices, recreational buildings and all closed areas through our insulation solutions. We protect them for the people

  • from losing warmth and overheating
  • from disturbing noise
  • from being harmful ….. or just monotonous

We aim to contribute to a nice and comfortable place, which is able to tranquilize soul, relax mind and indulge senses.

We combine our strong technology background with extensive experience derived from the past and the ambition to come up with brand new, effective solutions for the construction industry. With the contributions of our skilled engineers we offer continuous technical support for our partners ensuring the best possible solutions for the required applications.

Through our solutions we dedicate ourselves to protect natural resources and save energy. We act considering both people’s and the environment’s needs.